There are special programming instructions and interfacings this is just a part of the mod. More to come.

The following mod is for a Motorola 42-50 split Micor low band radio. The mod takes under an hour to complete and consists of changing the values of the capacitors on the five front-end coils and five in the crystal injection stage ( not the IF stage ) . When completed, the receive sensitivity will be 0.20 uv with no effort (centered on 52.525).

Front-end mod: (must remove shield cans from coils to get to caps) Change capacitor C113 to 18pf

C116 to 18pf

C118 to 18 pf

C120 to 18 pf

C122 to 3.3 pf

Injection mod:Change capacitor C108 to 33 pf

C109 to 68 pf

C110 to 68 pf

C125 to 33 pf

C127 to 43 pf

All caps are small ceramic types or dipped mylars. Most of the mobile versions do not require mod to the exciter stage or PA. This will depend on your particular radio.


Great link for commercial applications for all Motorla rigs.

SyntorX and Syntor